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Healthy, Doable Resolutions for Older Adults


The beginning of the year presents new opportunities to live healthier, fuller lives. For seniors, this may entail making changes to improve their overall health. Here are healthy and doable resolutions that older adults can make with the help of a home health care company in Texas:

  • Commit to regular exercise.
    Regular exercise is the key to healthy aging and to living a longer life. Staying active will help prevent falls while boosting seniors’ immunity. Caregivers can help seniors incorporate a low-impact exercise regime that may include walking, yoga, or chair exercises. This will help improve blood pressure, resting heart rate, and muscle mass.
  • Maintain a positive mindset.
    A positive mindset does not necessarily entail ignoring difficult feelings. Rather, it has to do with stressing less about things one cannot change and focusing on the positive aspects of life. This may also include finding healthy ways to deal with stress and accepting help when needed. A provider of home health care in Texas can help with daily tasks to alleviate stress.
  • Schedule regular checkups.
    Seniors should schedule an annual wellness visit with their healthcare provider. Regular visits will also help manage chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension. This may include going to regular physical therapy sessions to improve overall mobility and their level of functioning to promote independence.
  • Get enough good sleep.
    Seniors need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night to promote healing and boost energy. Regular sleep will boost their mood, help manage existing conditions, and promote better mental health.

Achieve your health goals with Higher Standards Home Health — your trusted provider of home health care services in Dallas, Texas. Reach out to us to discuss your care needs.


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