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Tag Archives: Senior Health

Dignity in Senior Bathing: Home Health Aide Approaches

Bathing is a private ritual, and maintaining it can become a sensitive issue for seniors who face mobility challenges. At Higher Standards Home Health, we understand the importance of preserving dignity during personal care. Our home health aide is trained to provide respectful and empathetic assistance, ensuring that the personal hygiene needs of our clients … Continue reading

Fall Prevention Tips for the Elderly at Home

Falls are common among the elderly however, they can be avoided. Aside from hiring a home health aide to make sure your seniors are always supported, there are various steps that you can take. As a leading home health care company in Texas, we are experts when it comes to senior care. So, allow us to share some … Continue reading

Ways to Keep a Wandering Loved One Safe

Watching a loved one struggle with dementia can be heart-wrenching. As the condition progresses, wandering may become a behavior that poses significant safety risks. Hence, as a reputable home health care company in Texas, we share several strategies to help keep your cherished family member safe. Consider the following: Create a Safe Environment Designing a safe … Continue reading

Fun-Filled Hobbies to Help Seniors Stay Active

When aging adults enter retirement, many of them are surprised with just how much free time they have during the day. One way to spend their spare time productively is to engage in a new hobby. Physical hobbies, in particular, provide great outlets for stress relief. As seniors experience low energy and impaired mobility, staying … Continue reading

What’s in Store for Home Health Care?

The United States population is rapidly aging, and home health services have played a key role in meeting the aging population’s desire to age in place. As preferences undoubtedly shift towards the comfort, familiarity, and independence that home health care services in Dallas, Texas provide, we look to the projected growth in the field of … Continue reading