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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

Aging in Place: There’s No Place like Home

Surveys have shown that around 90% of seniors prefer to stay at home as they age. Many studies support the fact that aging at home has significant health benefits that contribute to longevity. Independence is a central part of maintaining the mental and emotional health of seniors. Aging in place will allow them to keep … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Regular Check-ups!

Going to the doctor for regular check-ups is usually overlooked because people tend to think that it is expensive; they might also find traveling to be a hassle. But, it is very important to engage in a regular appointment to help improve your health. Here are its advantages: Proper monitoring of health It is important … Continue reading

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Home Care for You and Your Senior Loved Ones

Seniors tend to be left alone or are living independently, away from their own family who might be busy with work. But, in order to properly give care to these seniors, home care is a good choice. Here are some of its advantages: Cost-efficient Getting home care will help you save you some money since … Continue reading

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Home Safety for Seniors 101

Seniors become more independent as years go by since their family members are busy with work and their own family. They usually live alone or left alone for the most part of the day. Because of their age, they are prone to accidents, so it is important to have a trusted provider of home health … Continue reading

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Changing Seasons and Skin Routine

Summer season is here and most people love to go out and frolic in the sun to get their summer spirit hyped up. However, the sun is more intense and it can affect our skin so our skincare routine would need to level up in order to compensate for it. Seniors’ skin is more sensitive … Continue reading

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Summer Fun in Your Golden Years

Whoever said seniors cannot have fun during the summer season? Even with some limitations, there are fun activities they are able to do without worrying with the help of their own families or nursing assistant in Texas to guide them. Here are some fun summer activities you can do with seniors in the sun: Picnics … Continue reading

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